Cottage Health 2019 Culture Audit

Creating a Compassionate, Collaborative Culture One Employee at a Time The Cottage Health culture has over 125 years of history behind what it is today, and our culture is very much a point of pride. We take great strides to build on an already remarkable legacy, and that begins with each and every hire. Cottage Health knows that our greatest assets are our employees, and we are dedicated to attracting and retaining top talent. Cottage seeks the most qualified, candidates from across the nation to join in our mission of caring-- those who reflect our core values of excellence, integrity and compassion. During the application process, all prospective employees complete a behavioral assessment, which helps identify candidates who best exemplify these core values and share our vision. In keeping with our culture of collaboration, hiring is very much a team effort. To ensure a good fit with colleagues, candidates are interviewed by the hiring manager and by the department’s peer group. If multiple candidates for non-management roles are interviewed and determined to be equally qualified, the peer group selects the candidate to whom the position is offered. We specifically look for individuals who exhibit an ability to adapt to change. We also look for people who are dedicated to collaborative problem solving and continuous improvement, to ensure we hire the best candidates to support ongoing efforts to improve our patient experience. Our work of caring for patients is never done, and each day we try to be better. • Fortune Magazine named Cottage Health among the nation’s 20 best healthcare workplaces in 2016 . • Modern Healthcare named Cottage Health one of the Top 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare for 2014. 6.23 When recruiting talent, how do you ensure job candidates fit your culture? Cottage Health’s Core Values  Excellence — What we do Integrity — How we do it Compassion — Why we do it 30/94 Start | Contents | Highlights | General Information | Hiring & Welcoming | Inspiring | Speaking | Listening | Thanking | Developing | Caring | Celebrating | Sharing • Hiring & Welcoming 6.23