Cottage Health 2019 Culture Audit

A Shared Governance – Listening, Collaborating, Taking Action Shared Governance is a system of accountability for Cottage Health (CH) that gives employees a voice in decisions that affect their jobs, their work environment and the direction of the organization. It is led by a Coordinating Council, 24 employees who represent every area of Cottage Health and provide updates to the Executive Operations Group, offer support for process improvement with unit/department/ service councils and convene task teams to create solutions for specific issues. One way that employees’ voices are heard is through the submission of Voice Forms, which allow employees to share ideas for department improvements. Over 70% of Voice Forms have been implemented and resulted in positive changes. Shared Governance is also responsible for C3 – a half-day meeting three times a year – led by President and CEO Ron Werft to Celebrate, Collaborate and Create improvements at Cottage Health. B Health Professionals Institute – Developing New Leaders from Within the Organization Cottage Health encourages professional development and future leadership roles for employees through the Health Professionals Institute (HPI). This two-year, non-clinical program is the result of a partnership between Cottage Health and Santa Barbara City College and offers courses and training in areas like Building High Performance Teams, Coaching Skills, Resolving Differences at Work and Managing for Employee Engagement. Apart from coursework, mentoring is an essential part of HPI. Employees are paired with others outside their units to create new experiences and new perspectives for all participants. Over the past decade, more than 300 employees have been accepted in HPI, and over 50% of them have grown their job roles at Cottage Health. At present, 34 different Cottage departments are represented in HPI and 37 managers have at least one employee in the program. C Housing Assistance – Helping Employees Make Santa Barbara Home Cottage Health is sensitive to the cost of living in the community and has implemented several programs to make it more affordable for employees and their families. Last year, 134 Cottage employees saved a total of $278,000 for home purchases. Workforce Housing – Bella Riviera consists of 81 homes – cottages, villas and townhomes – in a neighborhood with ocean and coastline views. The workforce homes are priced significantly lower than the market. Mortgage Assistance Program – Cottage offers qualified employee home-buyers a low interest loan in the form of a second trust deed loan, and employees can receive 15% or up to $250,000 for a down payment. Coastal Housing Partnership – Cottage Health belongs to the Coastal Housing Partnership to offer education and savings for employees purchasing a home, refinancing a mortgage or leasing a new apartment. 6.11 Please share at least 6 and up to 20 programs that set your company apart and reflect the core of your culture. 4/94 Start | Contents | Highlights | General Information | Hiring & Welcoming | Inspiring | Speaking | Listening | Thanking | Developing | Caring | Celebrating | Sharing • Highlights 6.11