Cottage Health 2019 Culture Audit

Shared Stories We gather and share stories through our Everyday Heroes program and Life - Where You Love It campaign featuring employees and what they love about living and working in our community. Often we find that these stories are told and retold, going viral throughout the organization. It is one of the best tools we have found to inspire employees and instill a sense of pride for coworkers and our organization as a whole. “I’ve worked at SBCH as an X-ray Technologist since 1976! (Gasp!). But there are even two others in our department that worked here longer than I have! This tells you how great of a job this is, and how good it is to work for Cottage Health! The interactions feel personalized, and the service we provide here is fast and appreciated by the patients, which provides a feeling of job satisfaction to me as well. I fill my off-hours playing on the computer, playing Words with Friends, taking walks on Shoreline Park with friends, seeing plays, going out to eat, and listening to audiobooks, among other things! Life for me, is relaxing and filled with appreciation for all the good things I love.” — Patty (CCAI Radiology Dept.) “As a native Santa Barbaran, I have been blessed to live in and experience the excellence of our hometown — including having had our five children at Goleta Valley Cottage Birth Center, working in Cardiac Telemetry for nearly 25 years — and most importantly witnessing the professional and compassionate care my [family member] received in our hospital and at Cottage Rehab after a stroke last year. Cottage Health — my family is livin’ and lovin’ it!” — June (Cardiac Telemetry) “I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Clinical Laboratory Science program, which in contrast to other programs that require tuition payments, not only provided a monthly stipend but also offered a large forgivable loan. I was offered a CLS position and over years of support, mentoring, and completing a MHA program, I am in a Program Manager position that I really enjoy and find satisfying. After my husband was lucky enough to have found/wooed/fallen in love with me, we had our wedding in downtown Santa Barbara. My husband and I have also been fortunate enough to have purchased our first home with the help of Cottage’s MAP program. We, our six chickens, and Sir Charles aka Charlie (cat), are grateful for our home on the foothills of Santa Barbara.” — Amy, PDL Quality Department “Santa Barbara creates an environment for health. I grew up in Santa Barbara learning how to utilize every square inch of this town and now as an adult I have such gratitude for this playground of a paradise. Cottage Health has furthered my growth and well-being by providing awareness and opportunities to better my life. As a medical social worker I see the battles and trials of our most vulnerable populations and I translate their resiliency into gratitude for what I have, and a motivation to seize the opportunities I am provided. As an employee in the hospital I am a witness to our patient’s time of crisis and it is their motivation and recovery that inspires me on my journey of health and well-being. Santa Barbara is my town and I get to live a life I love because of all that it gives.” — Blaire, MSW (Social Services) “Working at Cottage as a Biomed has allowed me to live an active, healthy lifestyle. I like doing something active every day after work and I take advantage of the wellness benefits and belong to a local swim club. One of my best workouts is the steps at City College stadium. On a lark, I entered a local arm wrestling contest while on vacation in Maui last summer and I won. California represent!” — Richard, BSChE “I have been a part of the Cottage community since 2007. Being a nurse at Cottage has allowed and encouraged me to live a happy and healthy lifestyle on the Central Coast! You can find me surfing, running, practicing yoga or hiking during my free time.” — Angelica, RN (Clinical Informatics) “Working at Cottage has given me so many opportunities to meet and care for folks from all walks of life and is one of my most rewarding careers. I can’t think of a better place to be!” — Lynn, PCT, UCT (Nursing Resource Unit) “I recently began working for Cottage Health in March. For most of my life I’ve lived in Los Angeles or Stockton, California, two cities in which urban architecture dominate the landscape. Being here for the CottageOne project has allowed me to experience the amazing scenery offered by Santa Barbara. I love hiking up the mountain along the San Ysidro trail…the views along the way are spectacular and I love being so close to such beauty.” — Ahn, PharmD (Clinical Informatics Pharmacist) 47/94 Start | Contents | Highlights | General Information | Hiring & Welcoming | Inspiring | Speaking | Listening | Thanking | Developing | Caring | Celebrating | Sharing • Inspiring 6.25