Cottage Health 2019 Culture Audit

Q Employee Discount Pharmacy – Savings and Convenience Prescription drug costs generally account for a substantial portion of most people’s healthcare costs. However, employees and their families enrolled in a Cottage Health medical plan have the advantage of prescription drugs offered at discounted rates along with the convenience of an employee pharmacy. For a 30-day supply of generic drugs, employees pay either 30% of the discounted cost or a $5 minimum. For brand-name drugs, employees pay either the discounted cost or a $10 minimum. For 90-day supplies, Cottage also has a discounted mail-order program for additional savings and convenience. R Magnet Quality – Great Nursing Today and Tomorrow Cottage Health is a Magnet-inspired organization striving to achieve and sustain outcomes reflective of our exemplary care. The support of organizational leadership and of our Chief Nursing Officer is evident in daily practices. The Magnet Quality Celebration is an annual event celebrating nursing and patient care that focuses on measurable outcomes. Cottage nurses create nursing posters that illustrate research, quality outcomes and evidence-based practices. Significant quality outcomes highlighted at past events include improvements such as compressed bean bag-type stabilizers that make it unnecessary to sedate infants during diagnostic imaging, and “Project Sitdown,” a program that supplied portable stools to case managers to sit bedside and ensure the time needed to provide individualized care management to patients. Cottage Health offers the tools that enable nurses to provide the quality of care that our community deserves. S Quality Improvement Programs – Lean and CHIM (Cottage Health Improvement Model) Cottage Health is committed to ongoing quality improvements at all levels of the organization. For systemwide issues, Lean evaluates and analyzes a problem and then takes steps to implement a solution. A recent example of a Lean success at Cottage involved pre-op visits to help educate joint replacement patients, so they would have better outcomes. The pre-op visits needed to be streamlined, because they were taking over two hours. A project team was convened, data analyzed, and new procedures implemented to eliminate process redundancies. The visits are now 90 minutes or less for 70-80% of patients and never over two hours for the rest. The Cottage Health Improvement Model (CHIM) is designed for single department, shorter term problems, with issues that can be resolved within four weeks. 9/94 Start | Contents | Highlights | General Information | Hiring & Welcoming | Inspiring | Speaking | Listening | Thanking | Developing | Caring | Celebrating | Sharing • Highlights 6.11