Cottage Health 2019 Culture Audit

Nursing Scholarships Cottage Health and community donors generously support education for our nurses. Here’s the story of Gregory Shinn, a new nurse at Cottage Health: How philanthropy changed my life – Greg Shinn, BS Nursing Scholarship recipient, California State University, Channel Islands (CSUCI) BSN Program at Cottage Health I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and when I was five years old my parents decided to upend their well-established careers to move our family to California in order to give my brother and me better opportunities for success. They were able to make this incredible journey because my mother practiced as a nurse in South Korea. At the time, my mother spoke very little English but was able to fly to Los Angeles to sit for the RN boards. She passed, and her RN license was what enabled our family to establish residency and later citizenship in the United States. I grew up in Thousand Oaks, CA and attended good public schools. Eventually my journey led me to UCSB. I double majored in biology and sociology but when I finished I had no idea what type of career I wanted to embark on. I had fallen in love with Santa Barbara and wanted to stay, so I began to hunt for jobs. Fortunately, I had taken an EMT course at SBCC in 2008, and when I graduated from UCSB in 2010 I nervously interviewed for my first medical job at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital’s Emergency Department. I got the job and a second family. During college, I thought I wanted to become a physician even going as far as taking the MCAT and starting the process to apply to medical school twice. It was because of my work in the ED that I decided that I wanted to be a nurse rather than a physician. I am frequently asked what the difference is between a nurse and a doctor. Often, I tell folks that as a nurse you may be responsible for a handful of patients and will get to know them and as a physician you may be responsible for many more. Being able to focus on fewer patients gives a nurse the opportunity to provide holistic care for the patient. Nurses are not only responsible for treating physiological problems but also social, psychological, developmental, and spiritual concerns. Nurses are advocates, educators, counselors, case-managers, researchers, and leaders. Nurses wear a near infinite number of hats and we do so with compassion and professionalism. The variety of the profession and the proximity to the patient is why I chose to go into nursing. When I heard that CSUCI was starting an extension campus in Goleta, I was excited that a BSN program opened in our area and promptly applied when I completed my pre-requisites. I will be completing my time at CSUCI this May with a BSN, but I would not have been able to accomplish this milestone without support from family, friends, faculty, and community members. Financially, nursing school would not have been possible without the generous scholarships I have received from the community and the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Foundation. I can say on behalf of all of the CSUCI students who have received scholarships that we thank you. We thank you for donating your time and money to help accomplish our goals. We know that you are not only giving us financial support, you are telling us that you value our stories, our journeys. You are telling us that you have faith in us and that you view nursing as an essential part of this community’s future. Thank you to the CSUCI faculty and staff, Director Karen Jensen, Cottage Health staff and board members who help administer the scholarships and support CSUCI Nursing. 69/94 Start | Contents | Highlights | General Information | Hiring & Welcoming | Inspiring | Speaking | Listening | Thanking | Developing | Caring | Celebrating | Sharing • Developing 6.30