Cottage Health 2019 Culture Audit

Individualized Solutions for Employees There are times when events or circumstances prevent employees fulfilling their job duties. In those cases, Cottage Health will work with the employee in a modified duty capacity and to find a different and still fulfilling role in the organization. Here’s the story of Rachel Boerema from Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital. My final temporary coverage position on modified duty was as a clinical liaison for CRH. And it became my full-time job. I was back with my work family, but in a role of educating patients, families, and external providers about inpatient rehabilitation – from the perspective of an inpatient rehabilitation therapist. As I became familiar with this new role, I identified documentation and insurance authorization process gaps that could easily be improved to promote patient safety, team communication, and compliance with regulatory guidelines. Cottage administration was receptive to the strategies identified to overcome these gaps, and now I get to see positive patient and staff outcomes on a daily basis because of those changes. Everything about this new role “fits,” and I had a strong start because of the skills I acquired while on modified duty. I was even accepted into the Health Professions Institute certificate program through Cottage Health and Santa Barbara City College. Skills from my courses have been integrated into “Crucial Conversations” with stakeholders and colleagues, and productivity strategies to improve my own efficiency as an employee. I love my job and look forward to many years of growth with this organization.” “I was fortunate to be hired as an inpatient occupational therapist after an internship at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH) in 2013, and quickly felt like part of a work family of dedicated clinicians, support teams, and patients. I loved my job – my patients, colleagues, projects – and was shocked and disappointed when I was injured while working with a patient who had a brain injury. What began as a season of loss turned into a journey of professional and personal growth. I am no longer working at the bedside, but still have a meaningful job I love with an organization I trust. The day after my injury, I was introduced to my RN Nurse Navigator through Employee Health & Safety, and truly understood how deeply Cottage values people more than billable units. My navigator demystified worker’s compensation forms and helped me stay mentally and physically engaged through 14 months of rehabilitation. While on modified duty, I filled various roles across the organization that were custom-selected to match my background as an occupational therapist with a bachelor’s degree in business, so I continued to have work that positively impacted patients. During that period of time, I was encouraged to develop my professional skills for healthy reintegration to my home department or possible career change. I was connected with mentors in education, human resources, our SAGE Medical Library, organizational development, employee assistance (free counseling), and marketing. Even with ice packs strapped to my knee, I was contributing to the organization, and left work each day feeling like a confident professional instead of a burden. 74/94 Start | Contents | Highlights | General Information | Hiring & Welcoming | Inspiring | Speaking | Listening | Thanking | Developing | Caring | Celebrating | Sharing • Developing 6.30